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Atlanta Breast Surgery Financing Options

Breast surgery procedures are not typically covered by insurance because they are seen as elective and purely cosmetic in nature. However, breast reconstruction is covered under the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act. Breast reduction surgery may also be covered in cases where the patient experiences chronic pain as a result of excessively large breasts. Coverage is determined by the insurance provider on a case-by-case basis.

Dr. Whiteman is happy to provide patient financing options for any cosmetic or reconstructive breast surgery procedure. One of our financing options is CareCredit®, an 18 month payment plan that charges no interest as long as monthly minimum payments are successfully made and payment is fully received within the designated 18 month period. CareCredit® has no minimum amount requirement or expiration date. For more details, please contact Dr. David Whiteman’s administrative team at (770) 622-9100.

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