Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in Atlanta, Georgia

Breast augmentation (mammoplasty) is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures. Breast augmentation has come a long way in helping women achieve a well-proportioned silhouette. Many women who are interested in breast augmentation want discreet results that leave them feeling renewed and more confident in their appearance, but are not too obvious. Using the newest technology, Dr. David Whiteman can help you achieve natural-looking results that will have your friends wondering what’s different.

Atlanta Breast augmentation patient testimonialGetting a breast augmentation is a very personal decision. Appearance is tied closely to self-esteem. When we like the way we look, we are much more self-assured. Many women choose breast augmentation to boost their confidence. Others choose breast augmentation to help re-proportion their bodies to a more natural looking silhouette. Whatever your reason, Dr. Whiteman can determine your candidacy for the procedure and walk you through how the procedure will work for you.

Candidates for breast augmentation can include women who feel self-conscious in everyday clothing and are bothered by the feeling that their breasts are too small, women who have lost a large amount of weight which has changed the size and shape of the breast, women whose breasts have lost firmness or size after having children, and women who have one breast that may be bigger or smaller than the other (breast asymmetry).

During a consultation, you and Dr. Whiteman will discuss your goals and take measurements to determine the best size and type of breast implant to be used. During most breast augmentation surgeries, an incision will be made either in the crease underneath the breast, around the areola, or under the arm and the implant will be filled to specification determined in your consultation and placed above or underneath the chest muscle.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I have to stay in the hospital after breast augmentation surgery?
Breast augmentation surgery is usually an outpatient procedure which means you can leave the hospital the same day as the surgery. If complications arise, you may be admitted overnight. However, the majority of breast augmentations are same day procedures.

What are the side effects of breast augmentation surgery?
Dr. Whiteman will discuss and answer your questions about side effects and risks during your consultation. Side effects from breast augmentation surgery can include temporary soreness, swelling, and bruising. Some patients may also experience a change in nipple sensation.

How long does recovery from breast augmentation surgery take?
It is important to discuss recovery time with your surgeon during your consultation. When you can return to normal activity depends on the type of job you have, your incision type, and many other factors. Many people are able to return to work within a week and able to resume physical activity within four to six weeks.

How long to breast implants last?
Breast implants have the possibility of lasting a lifetime. However, manufacturers do not consider them “lifetime devices.” It is important to attend follow-up appointments with your plastic surgeon and contact him or her if you notice anything unusual.

Breast Implants:

Dr. David Whiteman offers both silicone and saline breast implants for breast enhancement surgery. Breast implants come in many sizes and shapes as well. The correct type to use varies by patient and can be determined by a consultation with your doctor in which you discuss your cosmetic goals. While the decision between saline and silicone gel breast implants is a personal preference, there are factors that your surgeon will discuss regarding the benefits and risks of each type.

While both types are subject to possible rupturing, if saline implants rupture, the body absorbs the saline and the breast deflates with no physical harm resulting from the rupture. However, if silicone gel implants rupture the gel is less likely to leak and the breast less likely to deflate creating a “silent rupture”. For this reason, it is suggested that women with silicone breast implants undergo regular MRIs to detect any leaks of changes in implant volume.

Because of the viscous nature of the filler material, silicone breast implants are more likely to ripple or wrinkle which is why many surgeons place them under the pectoral muscle. The size of saline implants can be adjusted after surgery by injecting or removing fluid, while silicone implants cannot be altered once placed within the body. This also means that the incision for saline breast implants can be smaller since they can be filled after insertion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the surgeon determine what size breast implants I’ll receive?
Sizing is individualized to each patient. During a consultation, Dr. Whiteman will discuss your cosmetic surgery goals as well as take measurements of your overall body including height, rib cage size, body weight, and previous breast size. From there you can discuss which options would be best to achieve your desired look.

Which type of breast implant is better?
This question really depends on your cosmetic goals and desired look. During a breast surgery consultation, Dr. Whiteman can answer your questions and help you determine which type of implant would best suit your needs. At that time you can also determine your desired sizing, placement, and shape.

Fat Transfer Injections:

Dr. David Whiteman offers breast enhancement with fat transfer injections for women who want a more modest increase in breast size or who may need subtle reconstruction work after a lumpectomy. This is recommended for patients who already have a nice breast shape and good skin tone and are seeking a more subtle enhancement.

Fat transfer injections can also be done in conjunction with breast implants for patients who want to optimize the shape of their breasts during their breast augmentation procedure. Fat transfer helps smooth out the results of breast augmentation if necessary.

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