Breast Revision

Breast Revision Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia

Breast revision surgery is performed at Southern Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia to alter the results of a previous breast augmentation. Whether a patient is unhappy with the result of an augmentation performed at another practice, wants to replace the implant with one that is a different size, or wants the implant removed, breast revision surgery can help patients achieve their desired results.

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Breast revision surgery can also provide a solution for those having complications with their breast implants including leaking, rippling, breast asymmetry, or capsular contracture. While complications like these can generally be avoided with adequate post-surgical maintenance and care, they can be remedied through revisionary surgery.

Breast revision surgery usually involves removing an implant via the original incision made during the augmentation procedure. Any scar tissue that has formed around the implant (capsular contracture) will also be removed, and a new implant will be inserted if the patient wants breast implant replacement. If patients are removing the implants completely, a breast lift can be performed at the same time to excise excess tissue and move the breast to a more natural position.


Frequently Asked Questions:

If I have a problem after breast implant surgery, do I have to have breast revision surgery?
Whether you should get breast revisionary surgery depends on your individual situation and recommendations from a board certified plastic surgeon. However, if you are experiencing discomfort or notice something unusual with your breast implants, it is best to schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss these concerns with your surgeon.

Should I go back to the same surgeon who performed my breast augmentation for a revisionary surgery?
Whether you return to your original surgeon or not will depend on the reason(s) you’re seeking breast revision. Breast revision surgery often takes more skill and practice than breast augmentation surgery. It is important to seek a surgeon who previous experience and training in breast revision surgery. If you seek breast revision surgery due to dissatisfaction with the previous procedure, we recommend you research other plastic surgeons in your area who specialize in breast revision surgery. Dr. David Whiteman has been performing breast augmentation and revision surgeries in the Atlanta area for almost two decades.

How quickly can I return to work and exercise after a breast revision?
Much like with breast augmentation surgery, patients should be able to return to work within two weeks (depending on their jobs) and resume exercise within four to six weeks. Your surgeon will recommend an appropriate recovery period per your individual situation.

Why would I need a breast revision or breast implant removal?
Some women may choose breast revision surgery due to cosmetic reasons such as the desire to change the size and shape of their breasts. Complications with breast augmentation may also require removal of breast implants including capsular contracture (scar tissue build up), rupture or leakage of implant(s), pain, or changes in symmetry and sensation.

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